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The Set-up Cost

All Services Provided at a Fixed Fee
  • Fee proposal provided upon initial consultation.

  • Our fees are always fixed, inclusive of registration fees of HK$3,034 (US$385).

  • All fees are agreed in advance and we only invoice the agreed amount.

No surprises, fully transparent.

Add-ons (optional)

​We are happy to provide the following on-going LPF services at a fixed fee, which may or may not be needed depending on your particular circumstances:

  • Providing a Registered Address in Hong Kong.

  • Assisting with all on-going Company Registry filings.

Further Legal Needs

​We are happy to provide the following legal services at a fixed fee, to be determined based on an initial consultation with yourselves:

  • Drafting full Investment Memorandum.

  • Drafting Investment Manager Agreement.

  • Further tailoring / customization of the Limited Partnership Agreement.


​We are happy to introduce third-parties for the following services, in conjunction with your LPF, all of which can be provided at a fixed fee:

  • Auditor.

  • Responsible Person (AML Officer).

  • Fund Administrator.

  • GP Company Set-up.

  • Bank account opening assistance.

We have no financial interest in the above referrals; rather we are offering introductions to the above potential services providers as a matter of convenience to our clients.

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