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The Process

(1) File a Form LPF1: Application for Registration of Limited Partnership Fund

We collect the necessary information from yourselves and complete the Form LPF1 on your behalf:

  • Name of the Fund (which needs to be in compliance with relevant ordinance)

  • Registered Address, which needs to be in Hong Kong (we can provide use of our address)

  • Description of proposed investment scope

  • Principal place of business of the LPF, and relevant contact information

  • Information on the General Partner

  • Information on Authorised Representative (as applicable)

  • Information on Responsible Person (a role that we can fill)

  • Presenter's Information (which must be a Hong Kong law firm or Hong Kong solicitor)

  • Details on the Investment Manager

  • Additional ancillary information

The above is not simply an information gathering exercise but, in addition, we will advise you throughout the process. For example, who or what type of entity can act as a GP, and when is an Authorised Representative necessary, among various other criteria and decisions to be made.

We file the Form LPF1 on your behalf in person at the Companies Registry in Admiralty, Hong Kong.

We can, at the same time, also make payment of the registration fee (currently HK$3,034) on your behalf.

Upon successful application, a "Certificate of Registration of Limited Partnership Fund" will normally be issued within 4 working days.

We will, on your behalf, collect the Certificate of Registration from the Companies Registry in Admiralty.

(2) Enter into a Limited Partnership Agreement

The Limited Partnership Ordinance requires that the Fund be constituted by a Limited Partnership Agreement (an "LPA") with the GP and at least one LP as the parties thereto. 

The LPA is a private document and does not need to be submitted to the Companies Registry.

We have a comprehensive and flexible LPA for the purposes of initial LPF set-up.

We will enter in the relevant information to make it applicable to your LPF and help you to execute the LPA via DocuSign.

This LPA will be an enforceable agreement that satisfies the requirement under the Limited Partnership Ordinance.

You will have the option to further tailor this agreement, by way of amending it, as you see fit.

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